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Zurich claims paid in 2017

Zurich claims paid in 2017 – Ensure you are protected.

Sick Leave Scheme

Sick Leave Scheme 1.1 An Occupational Health Strategy is in place as a supportive resource for teachers. The aim of this strategy is to promote the health of teachers in the workplace, with a focus primarily on prevention rather than cure. The Occupational Health Strategy comprises the Employee Assistance & Wellbeing Programme and the Occupational […]

Why should I make Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)?

You can make a last minute Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) payment into your pension scheme before you retire. This can be particularly attractive for you if you can get tax relief on the contribution you make before you retire and if you can then get back your AVC fund as a tax free lump sum […]

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Examination of the State Pension (Contributory)

State Pension Contributory    There are two different State Pensions systems, namely the Social Insurance system and the Social Assistance system. The Social Insurance system provides pension benefits based on an individuals PRSI record over their lifetime whereas the Social Assistance system provides means tested pension benefit’s. In this article we are going to look […]

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Free Serious Illness Cover Upgrade

Free Serious Illness Cover Upgrade Even if you don’t already have serious illness cover on your existing policy, you may be entitled to a free serious illness cover upgrade – being without it could cost you everything, so it is well worth checking the status of your current policy.  A recent Irish Cancer Society report says the cost of […]

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Your Questions Answered – The Dwelling House Exemption

      The Dwelling House Exemption Question:   My daughter bought a house in Dublin in 2012 and she has since lived in this since then.  She took out a mortgage to finance the purchase of the house and the mortgage is in her name.  She has since married.  My wife and I bought a […]

Life Protection Special Offer

Life Protection Special Offer You never know what’s around the corner – that’s why planning ahead with life insurance is so important. So here at Fusion Finance we’ve got a Life Protection special offer to start off 2016. You can have peace of mind that should something happen to you, your family won’t have to […]

Should I Make a Will?

Should I Make a Will? Making a will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family so the answer to the question ‘Should I Make a Will?’ is an emphatic – ‘Yes’. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, it can also spell […]

Should I Get Life Cover?

Should I Get Life Cover? Yes, you should invest in Life Cover Insurance, and the sooner you do so in life the more cost effective it will be. The following are 11 reasons why you should have life cover insurance. 1) Life Cover Serves as a key source for final expenses Final expenses, which may include […]

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Sick Pay & Critical Illness Cover

Sick Pay & Critical Illness Cover What happens your income when you fall ill? It depends entirely on whether you’ve got illness cover or not. If you don’t have privately organised illness cover you will be reliant on coverage provided on the back of Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) payments automatically taken from your pay […]

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