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Mission & Our Values  

Our Mission & Values

Fusion Finance develop relationships that make a positive difference to our customers lives as well as providing financial options and solutions that deliver premium value to our clients. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.


Informed: Certified Financial Planner designation is currently the highest overall educational qualification that can be obtained in the sector and this has been achieved by our consultants.

Focussed: We believe we are successful in running our business due to determination, hard work, resilience and willingness to adapt in an ever changing environment.

Open: We enjoy the dynamism of the industry, its ability to evolve and develop continuously while performing in a transparent, honest & professional manner

Who we are  

Gemma Maguire

CFP, RPA, QFA, Certified Financial Planner

Partner Fusion Finance

Gemma is a graduate of University College Dublin where she undertook the graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, which enabled her to become a Certified Financial Planner. Gemma strives to keep updated in this ever-changing industry by completing Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and Financial Services Diplomas.

Since joining the financial services industry in 1999, Gemma has gained extensive experience in all areas including Retirement and Wealth Planning along with providing Family Protection solutions for her clients both in the public and private sector with specific knowledge on the operation of the Public Sector Pension scheme and Death/ Illness scheme.

During a consultative meeting with clients, Gemma works to identify your goals, establish your priorities and assess the options available. This is to provide a foundation for a more secure financial future for her clients. Most of us will face concerns such as a need to provide for children’s education, the need to save up for retirement or to maintain our current lifestyles in the event of illness/premature death. Gemma works with her clients on an ongoing basis by providing clear and understandable advice and solutions specific to their current life situations to address these concerns.

Ultimately, we provide our clients with complete Financial Peace of Mind when they need it most.

Marie Davey


Partner Fusion Finance

Marie is a qualified financial advisor through the LIA and continues to maintain her qualification by undertaking continuous professional development. Marie has been a Financial Advisor to the public sector for a number of years, providing expert advice and a range of financial services.

For the past 12 years Marie has been working with Unions, associations and individuals in the public and civil service providing professional advice matched with a range of first rate financial products.

Marie also has obtained extensive experience in wealth management and pension planning and has developed in-depth knowledge of how all elements of the public sector pensions and life/sick benefits are calculated. Marie has developed specific expertise in relation to the Public Sector Superannuation scheme and the various financial options that can be utilised to help you maximise your pension benefits at retirement.

Marie also specialises in estate planning and is passionate that everybody understands the importance of having a will and life cover in trust to avoid inheritance liability.

I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful boys. I aim to ensure I am as financially robust as I can be and have put measures in place to enable me handle what life throws at me whether it be sickness, accident, turbulent markets or retirement. My promise to my valued clients is to outline a path suitable to your needs and income that will enable you to have protection when you need it and plan your journey to financial freedom.

Time is the only currency that you can only spend once! Be careful how you spend this precious resource!

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