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Long-term Investments

Have you a lump sum that you are prepared to invest for five or more years? Under these options, your money is invested in one or a combination of our investment funds. This option could be ideal if you have money to invest and are hoping to achieve higher returns than a deposit account while at the same time hoping to out perform inflation.

Long-term Investments Lump Sum Plans

Investing gives you access to a large range of funds, managed by a selection of Fund Managers over numerous Life Companies and External Fund Managers. These funds invest in a wide range of assets. We recommend that you diversify your investment by not putting all your ‘eggs in one basket’ and these funds allow you to do just that. Each of the funds available has a different level of risk and possible returns. A suitable fund for you is determined by completing a risk assessment and establishing where you are comfortable investing.

Long-term Investments Savings Accounts

Our long term savings plans are designed for the regular saver so you can make payments each month. You choose the fund(s) you want to direct your regular payments into, and through these funds you gain access to the growth potential of shares and bonds.

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