Are children covered under your life cover/illness cover?

Yes, your children are protected under your life and serious illness cover in the event of illness, accident or the worst death, whilst this is such a sensitive subject it could also help ease financial hardship either now or in the future. Information regarding this is very important to be aware of and hopefully it will never have to be used.

  • IF you have life cover your child on death would be entitled to be paid up to €6000 this will cover some financial costs and help ease the burden of many families.
  • During the first 6 months of children’s lives they are only covered for accidental death.
  • If you have serious illness cover Children are covered from the ages of 30 days to 21 years of age for up to €25000 or half your critical illness that you currently have, this can ease considerable hardship especially for parents whom have to give up work or take unpaid leave to look after their children this can at least take some of the stress away from families which can give them the breathing space needed to solely concentrate on getting their child well without any extra financial burden and stress during that period.
  • Many will have hospital cash included in your policy and the same will be paid to your child each day that they are in hospital (depending on your plan it can be paid after either 3 days or 7 days) all policies can differ regarding the deferred period.
  • All information was taken from Irish Life and is correct from July 2016.

If you have any questions in regarding the please give either Gemma or Marie a call on 086-1013481.

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