How can I improve my retirement income? What personal pension options are there? Watch our short video.

Retirement Incomes

Preparing for retirement is like getting ready for a trip — it never goes quite as planned. But the better the plan, the better the outcome. When things go wrong, you want to have the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. You never know what retirement will be like until you get there.

Retirement Incomes Pensions

State Pension Age is to increase 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028

Why do I need a pension? Don’t my taxes and PRSI pay for my State one?

The State pension is now €230.30 per week. But if you’d like to spend your golden years taking round- the-world trips and doing other fun things you had put off earlier in life because of work and family commitments, then you will need more than that.

Retirement Incomes Senior Life Planning

How do you account for health care costs in your retirement planning? If you’re like most, you are underestimating these expenses.

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