How can I improve my retirement income? What personal pension options are there? Watch our short video.

If only I had more laundry to do… said no Empty Nester ever!

While it’s hard to financially cut off your children, they need to learn to survive on their own, and you need to look out for your own financial future. Financially supporting an adult child only hurts you both; the more money you send them for daily living expenses, the less money you are able to save for retirement, which may make your children financially responsible for your care toward the end of your life.

However, you can still help with occasional expenditures, like college, apartment deposits, or where their adult children return home after being on their own for a time. It is not an ideal situation for anyone, but if your children need to return to the nest, they will at least be able to pull more of the financial weight in the household after earning an education or getting some experience in the workplace.

We will work with you to prepare you for this next chapter in your life.

Empty Nest Retirement Planning

As a nation we are living longer so the need for a realistic retirement plan is very important. No matter what age you are, planning for your retirement or making sure your pension is on the right track should be a priority.

Your pension aims to help you ensure that your retirement years are spent doing the things you always wanted to, not regretting the opportunities you missed. So whether you’re taking out a pension now, or have been investing in your pension for many years simply contact us for further information.

Empty Nest Last Minute Pensions

>50% Irish Working Adults without Pension – Deloitte December 2018

Many of those who do aren’t paying it enough attention. If you are in that category, then maybe we can help. Pensions may not be sexy or cool but they are important. Speak to us today so we can help you in your Pension Plans.

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