Mary K

Fusion Finance, represented by Marie Davey, were recommended to us a number of years
ago and having benefitted from advice and support from Marie over the past two years I too
would recommend her and Fusion Finance unreservedly.
The service and support have been consistently outstanding. Marie’s expertise, her endless
attention to detail, coupled with her concern for our needs and her approachability set her
apart. In addition, she is always willing to listen, discuss options and advise gently.
Marie, has the ability to empathize and always takes the time to understand, answer questions
which put us at ease. What sets Marie and Fusion Finance apart is that the client’s needs
come first and she leaves no stone unturned to find the most suitable option.
In conclusion, from the very outset, we have always felt that Marie had our best interests at
heart and the consistency of service that we have experienced is unparalleled.

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