Paying for Education

Paying for EducationWe all want to give our children the best possible start in life and a good education is a top priority. Despite claims of ‘Free Education in Ireland’ it is far from a reality. It can, therefore, be a lot more costly than you might realise. Paying for education can be onerous, but with a little forward planning it can make things a lot easier to handle over the years.

The cost of putting just one child through school can easily run into thousands of euro. If you have two or more children then you are going to have to dig even deeper to keep the educational roadshow rolling along.

With an Savings Plan organised by Fusion Finance you can gradually build up the funds necessary to support your children’s education and we can make it as painless as possible.

To give an idea of some of the costs involved in educating your children we’ve put up two posts, the first for Cost of a Primary School Education and the second dealing with the Cost of a Secondary School Education.

This is without taking into account the cost of a College Education, which we are not dealing with just yet, but will in the future.

The cost of education can be expensive irrespective of whether your child attends a private or a public school. The problem is that many parents get to grips with the costs when it’s too late and end up having to fund everything out of day-to-day expenditure which can make things quite difficult.

Remember, the mortgage and other utility bills you have today will still have to be paid when your child starts school. The only difference is you will be expected to manage those household costs on top of your child’s education.

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