Ray Brandon

We have been with Fusion Finance, working with Gemma, for a good few years now. She offers great advice and competitive prices and is always available to help out when needed. She offers regular reviews, to make sure we are not paying too much for our products and when Ulster Bank left the market, and we needed to change direct debits, herself and her team were most efficient. Fusion Finance also send regular information and thought provoking articles in their newsletters that give valuable food for thought regarding current market trends.
What I like most is her honesty, that if she can’t beat a price or a quote she is upfront about that. In fact, I have attended meetings with her in which I might have an idea that might be more beneficial to her financially had I gone through with it but she steered me away from it for my own sake.
I would highly recommend Fusion Finance and have no hesitation in saying that Gemma, in particular, has helped us in many ways and I look forward to continuing to avail of her help and guidance into the future.

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